The Entrepreneurial Mindset: 5 Strategies for Embodying Your Full Potential

September 8, 2015
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Do you ever feel like you’ve taken all the courses, read all the books, studied all the blogs, and you’re still not making the progress you’d like? Do you feel like you know all the things you should be doing, but that you just don’t seem to have the right kind of entrepreneurial mindset? It’s totally frustrating to know deep down that you’re capable, skilled, and raring to go, but also to feel s.t.u.c.k.

This was my experience during the first year of my business and it felt horrible. At the end of that year, I realised the biggest problem wasn’t my website, my social media skills, or similar, it was me—namely, the stories I was telling myself about myself and about my business.

That first year I had been super focused on the question “What do I need to do to run a thriving business?” After realising the problem wasn’t work ethic or lack of know-how, I shifted that focus and started asking “Who do I need to become to run a thriving business?

As part of my quest, I interviewed 24 entrepreneurs, coaches and authors about this question and, in partnership with En*theos, created an interview series around it called “The Entrepreneur’s Inner World.”

It was a huge learning curve and totally transformed the way I think about my business.

On Wednesday, I’m sharing five of my biggest takeaways from these interviews in a free workshop. It’s going to be interactive (with worksheet!) so you can start figuring out how to apply these principles to your business right now.

Earlier this year, I shared this workshop with attendees at the Alive in Berlin conference to standing room only. It was incredible to see the number of insights and a-ha moments people experienced during and after, and it confirmed that so many of the obstacles that stand between us and the things we want to create aren’t a question of know-how or skill.

They’re a question of self-concept and personal identity.

On 16th September, I’m running this workshop again as a webinar. When you join us, you’ll learn about how adopting an entrepreneurial mindset can have a profoundly positive impact on all areas of your life, whether you actually run your own business or not.

I’ll be sharing five key lessons, plus strategies, practices and exercises you can start using today, that will empower you to take your life and your work to the next level.

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Join us for this free webinar on Weds 16th September! We'll be talking about 5 strategies to take your life and work to the next level, plus practices and exercises you can implement immediately.

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