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How to Design a Bucket List for a Fulfilling and Meaningful Life

September 30, 2015

During the first half and a bit of this year, my husband and I worked our way through the entire 10 seasons of Friends (so much fun). Inspired by The One Where They All Turn 30, and given I’m turning 28 today, I’ve decided to create a list of 30 things I want to do and try by age 30.

Although we tend to think of our life in terms of separate areas (work, play, health, friendships, romance, family, etc.). In reality, it’s impossible to divide our life into neat little compartmentalised segments. Purpose-filled goals in any area of life enhance the other areas too—so let’s dream broad and dream big.

Although I’ve done yearly goals, I’ve never created a multi-year bucket list. Right now, I have no idea what the next two years holds so I’m creating mine with the provision that I can roll uncompleted items over onto my 40 by 40 list 😉

Here are a few of mine:

  • Write a fiction book
  • Do 100 burpees in a row
  • Foster more animals
  • Complete a physical challenge for charity
  • Try SUP (stand-up paddle boarding)
  • Support 1000+ people in doing their most important and courageous work

How to Create Your Own List

This video is one of the best resources I’ve seen on creating a list of meaningful and life-enriching goals. Grab a pen and paper and get started!

Creating a bucket list doesn’t stop with the list itself. Once we have it, the fun really starts.

Ben Nemtin shares 6 steps to checking items off our life lists in this entertaining and inspiring TED talk:

What’s on your list? Share your ideas and let’s inspire each other!

P.S. Starting something? You need to be willing to be a beginner & how to ask for what you want (without feeling awkward)

Image: Dieter Schaefer

How to Design a Bucket List for an Epic and Exciting Life

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