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For the Love of Books: June Edition

July 3, 2015

June was a month of walls, zombies, and happiness. After looking for a fun, brainless read on Amazon, I found A.R. Wise’s first Deadlocked book on Amazon for free. After that, I was totally hooked and ended up reading all eight (FYI: book funnels really work, you guys).

Around zombie shenanigans, I managed to fit in a few more cerebral books and especially enjoyed The Power of TED, The Happiness Hypothesis and Stasiland (reading this while in Berlin was even more interesting).

June Reads

The Happiness of Pursuit – Chris Guillebeau
Taming Your Gremlin – Rick Carson
How to Be a Productivity Ninja – Graham Allcott
The Power of TED – David Emerald
The Happiness Hypothesis – Jonathan Haidt
Stasiland – Anna Funder
Deadlocked #1-8 – A.R. Wise

What have you enjoyed reading recently? Leave a comment and share your recommendations!

Image: Alexander Solodukhin

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