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Creative Coffee Break: Saying Yes, Writing Psychology & a Rousing Pep Talk

November 14, 2015
Creative Coffee Break: Saying yes, writing psychology & inspiring pep talks


For a year, Shonda Rhimes said “Yes” to all the things that scared her
A good read on writing psychology: Top 10 writing tips and the psychology behind them
Amazing advice: The art of asking: or, how to ask and get what you want
It’s not you: three things to consider in the face of failure
Overcoming the 10 biggest obstacles to creating
Entitlement vs. worthiness
Read this when you need a pep talk: I’ve been wanting to tell you
How (and why) you should read more
6 ways you can build good karma into your business (without losing lots of money)
The difference between selling and sharing


Filing this Gold Moon Wall tutorial from A Beautiful Mess under “For when I’m not renting anymore”.


Grab your tissues, and get ready for the most beautifully-made and moving tribute to a pet man has ever seen:


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